Monday, January 14, 2013

The Week of Jan 7-13

Swim: 17,000 yards, 5 swims
Bike: 40 miles, 2 rides
Run: 44 miles, 5 runs
Total time: 12:25

This week was interesting.  I finally had a full week of track workouts mixed in with tri training.  I forgot how much I actually missed being a middle distance runner.  There is just something about doing workouts on the track that makes you feel fast.  I also love when we have some short repeats like 800m and below, it can be a nice change from the long daily grind of the longer swims and longer rides.  Although the short stuff is fun, it also adds an added challenge to training.  Since I put the speed on the backburner for a while, my body is still adjusting to the quicker turn over, and just the different feel of the different styles of running.  However, this week’s track workouts were very encouraging – I am looking forward to racing soon!
 (Looking forward to one more chance at the 4x800m record!)

Tri training has been pretty uneventful…and by uneventful I actually mean awesome, but without any major hiccups.  I’m loving it.  After 2 months of consistent workouts, I no longer think my coach is crazy.  I am seeing improvements in my swim—each week some workouts seem to get a little easier for me to complete, and others seem to just drain me…and it is fun!  I didn’t know if I would be thrilled about all of this swimming, but I am still motivated and ready to work hard.

I am moving back down to Greenville this week, and I full of mixed emotions.  I cannot wait to go back and hang with the distance crew at Greenville. After getting to know the guys over the past 4-5 years, I am happy I get to finish out my final track season with them. It will also add a little spice to the running workouts—I love running alone, but some days a group is nice.  I also have Lee and Kraig to bike and swim with, so training should be fun!  As as excited as I am for Greenville, I will miss training with Wyatt and the NIU Triathlon Club. Wyatt is a high school SR and freak in the pool (this kid would be perfect for draft legal racing!). Every once in a while he is nice enough to slow down and drag me through my workouts…at 6 am, before he goes to school! I have also gotten to know everyone at NIU and they are a fun group.  I look forward to (hopefully) many more workouts with y’all.

Dad’s half marathon training is coming along well.  He has finished his first week, and I think he is finally starting to get excited to race.  He keeps trying to tell me it is cold outside though… He thinks that if it is “cold” I may soften up and let him have an easier/shorter day.  Not happening!  The only thing he hates more than the cold is the treadmill.  So he just goes outside and gets it done.

Have a great week everybody.  Stay safe, and enjoy!  If you have any questions for me, or a topic you would like me to cover, just let me know!