Friday, March 14, 2014

Early Season 2014 -- Florida

So I have been a slacker with my updates. I will keep each section short and sweet. Here we go!

Jan 27-Feb2
Swim – 19,400 yards
Bike – 4:31 hours
Run – 31.28 miles
Total: 13:38

Chilly Willy Duathlon
My first race in Florida was the Chilly Willy Duathlon Southeast Championships. It was a 5k run, 10 mile bike, 5k run. I started in wave 3 – I didn’t know I could have registered for the elite wave (1). In short, Run 1: weave in and out of the people that started in wave 2. Bike: Just ride. I had ridden through most of wave 2, and some of the elite wave. I wasn’t exactly sure what place I was in coming off the bike. Run 2: chase down more people from wave 1. I ended up negative splitting the runs by :03/mile, and turned in the fastest run #2. I finished 3rd OA and first in my AG, so I was very happy about that—a good start to FL racing. I also met some really cool people that I look forward to (hopefully) seeing at more races. Funny story. I actually had food poisoning during this race – I thought it was pre-race jitters, but I was wrong. I was sick for a good 6 days – I ate the food 2x without knowing it. Oops.

Feb 3-9 (Chilly Willy Week)
Swim – 16,600
Bike – 5:17 hours
Run – 33.68 miles
Total: 13:45

Feb 10-16 (food poisoning week)
Swim – 7,400 yards
Bike – 1:34 hours
Run – 22.96 miles
Total: 6:14

NTC Indoor Triathlon
So, at the last minute I was talked into racing an indoor triathlon as a workout. I had no intention of doing this – I had already done masters in the morning, and a pretty hard run interval workout early afternoon. Well, at 4pm I was talked into the tri. 400yd swim, 6 mile bike, 2.2 mile run. The swim was in the outdoor pool, the bikes were on trainers…outdoor, and the run was on the treadmill. So I guess the indoor tri was more outdoor than indoor haha. Somehow I ended up finishing 2nd OA. I didn’t even know there were awards for this until I went for my Sunday swim and there was an award waiting for me at the desk.

Feb 17-23 (Indoor Tri)
Swim – 21,450 yards
Bike – 9:20 hours
Run – 41.18 miles
Total: 19:43

Clermont AG Sprint
I think this was a good start to the outdoor racing season. The age group race was being combined with the collegiate race, so it was a very crowed start. I got to wear my new XTERRA Vendetta, so I was pumped about that. I exited the water in 20th. Although I did not swim as well as I would have liked, I was pleased to exit the water I the top ¼ of the race. From there the day only got better. I ended up recording the 2nd fastest bike split to move up to 4th into T2. The run was 2 loops. I knew on loop 1 that I was in 4th, but I couldn’t remember who was 3rd. I just kept running hoping to chase down there kid. I’m not exactly sure where I made the pass, but I ran my way into 3rd with the 2nd fastest run split.

Feb 24 – March 2 (Clermont Sprint)
Swim – 17,825 yards
Bike – 7:46 hours
Run – 28.93 miles
Total: 15:41

XTERRA Vendetta Fullsuit
I have only been able to swim in it 3 times, but I absolutely love the suit. I have tried out a few different full sleeve wetsuits, and this is the most comfortable I have been in one. The suit fits me live a glove but yet it is still very flexible. I never felt like I was fighting the suit. I am looking forward to racing in it this year! Thanks again to XTERRA Wetsuits for hooking me up with such a great suit!

March 3-9 (Moving week)
Swim – 20,500 yards
Bike – 5:16 hours
Run – 30.44 miles
Total: 13:13

3 races, 3 podium finishes. I would say it is a good start to racing. I am looking forward to building upon the momentum we have going. I learned a lot in FL and now I just need to remember to apply those things to daily training. I made the decision to leave FL and come back to IL to coach junior high track and field. Junior high is such a fun age, and we have a lively group of kids to work with this year.

When I wasn’t training, I got to take a trip to Disney, West Palm Beach, and Cocoa Beach. Here are a few pictures. Enjoy. And thanks for reading. Stay safe out there!