Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January 21-27

Swim: 12,220yds, 3 swims
Bike: 55 miles, 3 rides
Run: 40 miles, 5 runs
Total Time: 12:02:39

Well, this week was quite interesting.  I would like to say that I got everything settled in my apartment and got my schedule figured out, and everything went smoothly…but that would be a lie. In the million years (okay so maybe it hasn’t been a million years, it’s only been five) I’ve been at Greenville, our workout days are always Tues/Thurs.  This week, for some reason, we moved Vo2 Max to Wednesday and tempo to Thursday…and I was a pretty unhappy camper. I survived, but I wasn’t thrilled by it.

Running went okay this week. We had our classic 16x200m w/200m jog recovery this week. Every year I have done it, I have been able to run sub :30 for all of the 200s—this year I was struggling to hold :31. Am I slower this year? Maybe. The strength is there, but the top end speed may be a little harder to find. I think this may be a sign that I could possibly be ready to move up in distance to the 5k/10k!

Swimming is quickly becoming one of my favorite activities! I had two swim TT’s this week, and they were both PR’s. I’m not sure if I like swimming now because A) I am getting faster B) workouts don’t seem to be taking as long C) I am able to recover quicker from the workouts now. I’m not sure what Coach Steve is doing to me, but whatever it is, I like it!

 (I miss indoor track!)

I went to watch my Greenville teammates run at Olivet over the weekend. It was weird to be sitting in the stands, rather than racing. I knew I would miss racing, but I didn’t know I would miss track that much. I will get to race unattached once or twice this indoor season—I can’t wait. This past fall I was having a hard time deciding where I was going to be attending school in the spring or what sport to do. I had to decide between running track or racing triathlons. I was pretty set on going to NIU and racing triathlons. The more I thought about it, I felt I should use my last track season. I came to the conclusion that I don’t want to be 40 years old and look back and wish I ran my final season of track. I think going to the meet over the weekend and just missing the sport was confirmation enough that I made the right decision. March cannot come soon enough!

Song of the week: Rush- Tom Sawyer

Y’all have a great week!

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