Thursday, February 12, 2015

Feb 12 Update

Green Swamp 50M Update
I said I would do a weekly update while training for the Green Swamp 50 mile. Unfortunately I do not have much to say as I am currently out with a bone bruise/IT Band issues. I have not been running in about 3 weeks. I am not too upset about it, but I think my husky is!

What have I been doing to heal?
There isn't really much you can do for a bone bruise, except stay off of it. I have been going to acupuncture, and that seems to be helping. I have walked into the office in pain, and walked out pain free many times. I am also swimming again, and I am really enjoying it.
The other thing I have been doing is strength training. (See below)

I lost ~15 pounds during mono. Although I don't feel like I am weak, I can definitely tell that I lost a little strength. I just do simple things that can be done in the living room and takes less than 30 minutes.

How does that change 2015?
I had to DNS at Piney Woods 50k in Feb, and I will be doing the same for Green Swamp 50M in March. I am going to try and make it to the start line for the Illinois Marathon on April 25, and actually race.

Recovering from mono.
If I were smart, I would have decided to just try to complete the Green Swamp 50 in March... But, I wanted to race. Not only did I want to race, but I wanted to win...and set the course record. I felt that I would have the altitude advantage on my side and FL is a flat/fast course. I think I pushed just a little too much too soon. Do I regret it? No.

Other news.
Leadville weather has been weird. It is warm and the sun is melting. I was able to ride 33 miles outside on Feb 7. It was 40 and sunny. It felt gret to jut enjoy the outdoors.

Have a great day!