Thursday, July 9, 2015

June 2015 Training Update

We are now looking at a little less than six weeks until the Leadville Trail 100. I am still working on the Leadville Trail Marathon race report, but I wanted to throw in a training update. It is not that I cannot write the race report, but I keep learning/figuring out new things about the race, so I have more information to add. This will be the past four weeks. I will include total mileage, long run distance, and my favorite workout of the week (doesn't necessarily mean intervals).

May 31-June 6
*64 miles (7 runs)
17 mile long run
Favorite workout: Fish Hatchery wasn't pretty, but it was fun.
I had to walk during a 5k for the first time in my life. I had only been back at altitude for a few days and wanted to run well on the trails. However, I was well over that red line during the first 3/4 of a mile and ended up walking a nice uphill section of the course. Welcome back to Leadville!

 June 7-13
*64 miles (7 runs)
18 mile long run
Favorite workout: 2x[10x400m on :60 recovery]
This week was the second Leadville Running Company group run of the summer. Josh Arthur was there for the VFuel demo, and stuck around for the workout. We had a nice turnout and a fun group.

June 14-20
*73.2 miles (6 runs)
20 and 26 mile long run
Favorite workout: Leadville Trail Marathon
I did not have a great showing at the marathon, but it was a much needed learning experience. I will post more about that in my next blog. I also took a spot into the Leadville 100, so that was exciting. I cannot say I had plans to run a 100 this year, but it should be interesting.

June 21-27
*55.5 miles (6 runs)
No long run
This was my first "down week" in a while, and it was much needed. But really, the main difference was just the lack of long run. I just focused on getting in some easy trail miles.

June 28-July 4
*84 miles (7 runs)18 mile long run
Favorite workout: Tuesday in Boulder with the HTS crew. I ran my fastest altitude mile, so that was exciting.
This week was the highest mileage week of my life. It beat my previous high of 82 miles from 2009. This time I actually feel healthy and happy.

What have I learned?
Since training for the 100, I have learned that it really is the small details that make a big difference. I now pay way more attention to daily hydration, foam rolling, eating soon after workouts, sleeping, and stretching. So far I have been able to stay healthy through the stretch of higher mileage, and hope to continue the streak.

What's new?
The job at Leadville Outdoors/Leadville Running Company has been going well. I get to work with a really fun group of people, and have a very flexible schedule. Being able to walk to work is great! I can run in the morning, work during the day, and then have a few hours of sunlight after work.

 Also, I went to Montana for the first time over the 4th of July. Billings was flat and hot. It was fun though.
I am starting to put my crew/pacers together for the Leadville 100, so I will be introducing them over the next few blog posts.

Thanks for reading. Happy Training!