Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dad's 5k PR and Other Stuff

March 11-17

Swim: 4640yds, 2 swims
Bike: 1:25, 1 ride
Run: 47 miles, 6 runs
Total: 8:23, 9 workouts

            It was a crazy week, but I didn’t get much training done. Hey, you’re only young once—may as well enjoy it while you can. I love training, but if I had to pick between going to swim at 6am, or sleep in, lay out on the beach all day, and stay out til midnight (so late, I know)…with that said, it was my highest run mileage week in quite some time!

          My Friend from Cocoa Beach

           Well, Monday I was enjoying my last day at the beach. We were at Cocoa Beach, and I actually enjoyed it more that Daytona Beach—it was warmer, and it seemed like a more relaxing place. Monday was also the first day of break that I felt like I could actually relax, and didn’t have to focus on racing, homework, or anything else. Tuesday, dad and I made the trip home to end our spring break adventure. I still managed to get my track workout in at Middle Tennessee State University!

 Woohoo! College Basketball!

            Thursday I went to the Nebraska and Purdue tournament game with my friend Matt. He is a huge Purdue fan, but as an Indiana fan, I had to root for Nebraska. Following the game we went to Joliet for a Thousand Foot Krutch concert. I forgot how good TFK is, and they put on an awesome show! I know, it sounds like I was having fun all day—which I was—but, I still did my tempo run in the morning. AND I swam…which may or may not have been my first day in the pool in a while.

 Somehow we're still friends after all these years.

            Finally, and most important, Sunday was my favorite day of spring break. Dad and I went to run a 5k, and I got to pace him through to a new PR. He had run 29:15 (9:24/mile) in August, and I had been bugging him to run another one sometime soon. He finally caved in and agreed to run a 5k on St Patrick’s Day. He swore before the race that he would run 27:00-28:00 and that is the fastest he could run. I have been watching his workouts and I knew he was 25:00-26:00 shape, but I let him pick the pace. Our first mile was 8:35, and dad was feeling good. I wanted him to pick it up just a little bit, but he said no. The course was an out and back. When we got to the turnaround I told dad we needed to pick it up a little bit. He said “k” and tucked in behind me to let me block the wind. Our 2nd mile was 8:31. At this pace, I knew it was going to be a PR, but I wanted him to keep on pushing. When we had about 1200 m left I told dad we were going to try and pick it up. I noticed that he kept running farther and farther to the left, so I said, “run a straight line—why run more distance than you have to?” And dad replied with, “I’m running with my eyes closed so I can’t see how far I have left to go!” It took everything I had to not laugh at him. Our 3rd mile was 8:12! The last 0.1 was :47 for a total of 26:05 (8:24/mile)! It was definitely a great day, and a confidence booster going into the Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon on April 6. I cannot wait to see how his first half marathon goes!

He looks fine 10 minutes after the 5k--we're running harder next time!

Song of the Week!

TFK with Matt and Me!

Did you race over St Patrick’s Day weekend? How did it go?

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