Saturday, November 15, 2014

Thoughts Before My First 50k

Tomorrow I will be running my first 50k. I have been slacking with race reports, but I hope to get them all up on the way home. It's around 4:30pm the night before the race, and these are the top 5 thoughts that have gone through my head today.

5. "Oh no! I forgot my racing flats!!" I was not worried or stressed about the race...and then I realized I left my racing flats in CO. Good news - its a trail race. I don't need flats. Whew!

4. So...5900ft of elevation gain over 31 miles. That is ~200 feet per mile. Ain't nobody got time for that!

3. Wait, did I just say I am running 31 miles tomorrow? Well that is basically 31x mile or 10x5k or 5x10k...oh hell, what did I sign up for?!

2. I wonder what kind of candy they have at the aid stations. It just says "assorted candy." What does that mean? This is important!

1. Thank you for all of the support over the past few months. I have gone trough many changes (life/coaching/racing), and I would not have madecitvthrough without all of you. I appreciate the runs we've been on, talking over cups of coffee, and messages/texts/calls along the way.

Tomorrow I will take on the 50k! Leggo!

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