Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Road to Vegas, Part 1

A few days to go until the 70.3 World Championships in Las Vegas. Am I excited? Yes. It finally gives me a reason to road trip out somewhere west of Louisiana. Along the way I get to see a few friends, meet coach, and see real mountains!

After a long Friday of work, and a run with Wyatt, I packed up the truck and took off…well, I wanted to leave a 5pm, but 9pm is close enough. I made it 30 min down the road and realized I left the little yellow computer for my power meter at home, so I had to turn around and go get it. Nothing like adding an extra hour to a trip! I arrived in Iowa City a little after midnight, just in time to sleep!

So far I have:
-Made it west of Louisiana
-Met up with friends in Littleton, CO
-Explored Boulder
-Met Coach Steve (and got a lesson in blowing bubbles from his son)
-Spent a lot of time relaxing in Estes Park
-Had a open fire steak and potato dinner, along with homemade ice cream
-Met a few Greenville Track/XC alumni

Here are just a few pictures for the start of the trip:

The World's Largest Truck Stop...I wanted candy.
"Nebraska... the good life." ...if you like living/driving though a flat state.
It rained on me in Lyons, CO.
I could almost see the mountains.
Estes Park...7500ft...Is it getting harder to breathe?
A nice, small cabin to relax at.
My room in the mountains.
My view as I walked out of the cabin.

More Estes!
 One more day in Estes, then headed to Vegas! More pictures to come. Safe travels and good luck to those racing this weekend! See ya in Vegas!

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