Monday, September 16, 2013

20 Favorite Vacation Pictures from Worlds Road Trip

Here are my 20 favorite pictures from my 2 weeks road trip. Mostly a bunch of rocks haha. Hey, it was my first time west of Louisiana! Sometime I'll get around to posting the rest to Facebook. Enjoy.

First night in Estes Park!
A different night in Estes.

Sunset in Sin City.

First night in Vegas...went to play BINGO.
Dad volunteered at the race!

Post race swag!
My first view of the Grand Canyon...

The GC started to clear up.

Hiking one of the trails at the GC.
Walking next to the clouds.
I believe I am above the clouds now...
And then it began to rain...
And then it cleared up 15 minutes later.

Outside of Monument Valley.
Selfie time!
Outside the hotel in Moab, Utah.

Arches National Park.

And another arch.
...and another.
Roadside picture.

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