Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Evergreen Lake Sprint Race Report

Evergreen Lake Triathlon weekend always promises to be an interesting weekend…this year did not disappoint.  Somehow I convinced Matt and Adam to come along for the weekend. I’m not sure if it was the possibility they may get to go disc golfing, camping, or beer…but either way, it is always fun to have more people come along. So Friday afternoon Matt and Adam came to my house to pick up Wyatt and me. We made the hour drive down to Hudson for packet pick up, all the normal stuff that goes with packet pick up, and then I did a quick workout. While I was working out, they set up the tents….we finally figured out we were going to have 6 people, but only tent space for 4…possibly 5. Oh well, that was an issue for a different time—we all just wanted dinner. We ate at Firehouse Pizza in Bloomington, and I had my pre-race beer: Dark Horse Imperial Stout. YUM! Went back to the campsite, talked forever, goodnight….much later than I would normally go to bed, but we were having fun.

These are the two I trusted to set up the tent...
Race morning was the usual: up before the sun, stumble around like a zombie for a few minutes, our noise makers may or may not have opened a beer at 5 something in the morning, and we got ready for the race. With packet pick up the day before and camping 200m away from the race start, it made race morning pretty simple. Pump up the tires, walk bike into Transition, and sit around for a while. The water temp was 81.1 degrees, so not we wetsuit legal. Dang! Oh well, I only had to swim a 500m. They Olympic started at 7, and the sprint started at 7:30…I had a while.

Swim (500m): 9:16

I was hoping to swim in the 8:30-8:40 range, so when I saw 9:16, I was instantly disappointed. Then I remembered that A) this swim course is usually set long B) I still had a 40k bike ahead of me C) It was meters, not yards, so it was so bad. Anyway, I just used positive self talk—Coree, you’re awesome…you swam so well…you’re doing great—and started running for T1.
Not only can they make noise and set up tents, they can take pictures too!

T1: 1:08

This was an absolute mess. Normally my T1 is flawless, but I struggled to get my helmet on this time. I also was not taking a bottle cage on my bike this time, I just planned on holding a bottle in the back of my speedo…since I ride with 1-2 back there on training rides anyway (yes, I wear bike shorts when training).  I was stupid though, and tied my speedo too tight before the swim and couldn’t get the bottle in there. SO, I held the bottle in my mouth, did ran out of T1, flying mount onto the bike, and started to ride…still could not get the bottle in—I hadn’t realized my speedo was tied too tight yet. And, I forgot to loosen the straps on my shoes, so I could not get my feet in my shoes. This little situation ended up probably costing me :15…stupid mistakes.

Bike (40k):  1:02:56

I don’t have much to say about the bike course, besides it is a giant lollipop, and it can fun or miserable, depending on the wind. I honestly couldn’t tell you what direction the wind was blowing, but I was feeling good. It was a rather uneventful ride, and I was only passed by one person on the bike! I just remember being about half way tough the ride, looking down at my watch and thinking, “uh oh, I’m going fast…this can’t be good….but I feel great.”

T2: :48.2 (Fastest)

Quick and simple. In and out. So, 1 for 2 on transitions today.
Hoping for a cleaner dismount than the last time I was here..

Run (“5k”): 16:54 (Fastest)

Earlier this year, I got to run the 5k course for the Tri Shark Du. I ran 17:21(5:27/mile) and was angry that I didn’t go sub 17 there…only to find out the course was 5.2 miles…so I felt much better about that. Well, same course this time and I was 16:54 (5:17/mile) 6 weeks later. I had no idea what place I was in starting the run, but I knew I had some work to do. I knew Stephen passed me out of T1, and some guy passed me 15 miles into the bike, so there were at least 2 ahead of me, along with Litowitz and Alexander. So at best I was in 5th for the sprint, but with my weak swim I figured there would be more out there. My first mile was a 5:18 and I thought, “Oh, Sh*t! I can’t hold this…but it kind of feels easier than some of my workouts…just keep pushing.” I could see Stephen up ahead nearing the turn around. I knew I was in 4th. I’m pretty sure Stephen flipped me off as he passed me on his was back…this was playing out just like Tri Shark. Sure enough, a little after the 2 mile mark I passed him, and was pretty sure I had 3rd place. There were few athletes on the course ahead of me, Litowitz and some of the elite Olympic guys, at this point it the goal was just to push it in. Mile 2 was 5:18, mile 3 was 5:24, my last .2 was :54 to run 16:54, good enough for the fastest run split of the day.
Hey, there's Thomas Gerlach!

Finish: 1:31:04. 1st Collegiate, 3rd OA.

Thoughts on the race:

     -Swim split—Not what I wanted, but really not awful.

     -T1—I just fumbled…A lot.

     -Bike Split- 1:18 in 2010, 1:09 in 2012, 1:02 now

     -Run- :10/mile faster now than 6 weeks ago on same run course

     -Bringing friends to the race—most fun I have had at a tri in a while.

Thanks to Coach Steve for making me fast! Thanks to Matt and Adam for coming along and making some noise…when I do an Ironman someday (a long time from now), I will hire you two to be my noise makers. And thanks to the NIU team (and some of the SIU team) for making it a fun weekend!
Here we go NIU...I don't know why I'm not smiling...or wearing pants...

Next up? 70.3 Racine! What’s next for you?

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