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What a crazy two weeks it has been. I have quite a bit to cover.



Random Thoughts

Well, here we go…


Training has been fun, but I seemed to be riding the struggle bus for a bit. I come from a running background, but I still struggle on run workouts from time to time—or for a week at a time. I think I was just frustrated with myself for not being able to complete the workouts as well as I would have liked. Luckily things made a turn for the better at the end of this week and things started to come back. Coach told me, “Nobody said getting fast was going to be easy.” I think that was his nice way of saying suck it up and run. Haha. I finally had a good long run (thanks to Wyatt riding along with me carrying fluids for me) and it is definitely a confidence booster going into races the next two weekends. 
Biking was also a struggle for a while, or I just wasn’t super motivated to hop on the trainer after swimming at 5:30 am and doing data entry all day. Data entry is monotonous enough (but I am thankful to have a job!) but then to have to ride the trainer a few nights was my breaking point. I started wondering if I would be ready for Racine, or if I even made the right decision signing up for it…and then one day I finally had a great ride and everything seemed to be back to normal.
I'm such a happy camper...
Swimming…well, my swimming is always hit or miss, but I have been having some decent workouts. Actually I don’t even know if they are decent workouts, but I am feeling good in the water, so that is a plus. I have been working on the catch/pull with my left arm since I really just didn’t have much of one, and it has been helping…now I just need to keep my legs up in the water. I can only think about so many things while swimming, but I would love to get to the point someday where I do not have to think about anything! Although, on Saturday I had one of those moments where everything just felt "right." I'm not sure what "correct" swimming really feels like, but  I think that may have been it.
Overall, I love training, even when I struggle. It may not always sound like I love it, but I really do. I think the hard/struggle weeks just make the weeks that seem easy just that much sweeter.  Over the past few weeks I’ve really had to learn to let go of the bad workouts before going into another workout, and just focus on the task at hand.

This is what all roads seemed to look like.
My friends Ross and Rosie got married a week ago J I wish I could say I remember the moment, but I don’t… let’s rewind. A few months ago Ross asked me to be a groomsman in the wedding—I said “let me think about it” because I really wanted to race 70.3 BSLT. In the back of my mind I knew saying yes was the right thing to do, but BSLT seemed like fun. So I came up with about 10 different plans on ways to be in a wedding on Sat afternoon in IL and make it to Lubbock to still race on Sun…none of which were actually possible in real life—but they were plenty possible in my mind. Anyway I finally told him yes, but said I wouldn’t be mad if they changed the date.
Now it is June 29. I was supposed to have a 35ish minute swim and 3ish hour ride in the morning…giving me plenty of time to eat, rest, and get cleaned up for the wedding. I felt great swimming in the lake, and Grandma Dot had breakfast ready for us, so I ate, and then went out on the bike. My workout tuned south pretty quickly, and I was practically driving the struggle bus. I ended up calling the ride at 2.5 hours, and didn’t feel so great.
Lunch was waiting for me when I got off the bike, so I ate and then started to get cleaned up. Once we were all ready, we went to the church to get dressed and take some pictures. I must say for a group of runners/athletes we clean up pretty well! After pictures we sat around for a little bit, and then it was show time. Josh and I have had a running joke going for the past few months of who was going to be the star of the show; after all, he was the best man (even though we all know I am always the star). So before we went on stage some of us were joking that we were going to lock our knees and see if we pass out—I mean nobody actually does that…do they?
We clean up pretty well!
 Now we’re on stage. Literally 10 minutes into the wedding I get a weird feeling in my stomach, and I got all hot and sweaty. Great.  I have one job to do…stand there and look good. I decided to try and shift my weight a little bit to get more comfortable, and as I was shifting I got all light headed. Oh joy. I went to move again and I went tunnel vision on Ethan’s shoulder. The next thing I know there are people hovering over me asking me if I can hear them, my shirt is half unbuttoned, and I am laying on the floor in the back of the church. Apparently I passed out on stage, and no, I did not lock my knees. Guess I really did steal the show haha. So, I don’t even remember much of the wedding, but I know it was good! And congrats Ross and Rosie! I guess I was just so filled with emotion that it moved me to the ground.

The happy couple! Congrats!
 (PS— I’ve been checked out since then and I am okay.)

Also, Rosie’s Grandparents are the best! First, you have to be a saint to put up with 10 college guys staying at your house for a few days, but they loved having us. And we all had a great time hanging out with them, and Dot cooks up a storm! They should open up a tri camp at their house. We could swim in the lake, ride out country roads, and eat at “Dot’s Diner.”
I wouldn't mind training here!

I applied to be a part of Hawk Racing and didn’t really expect to hear anything back. I had applied to a few other companies and they politely said “thanks, but no thanks” or something along those lines. Well, on Monday morning I got an email saying I was picked up as one of the Hawk Racing sponsored riders! I am pumped. I need to replace the bottom bracket on my bike—it has been making noise, so I can’t wait to try out a new Hawk bottom bracket. I have heard they are awesome, so I can’t wait to use it!

*I always seem to have good long workouts the day after a dark beer or two.
*Sanjay and Craig could quite possibly be my new favorite TV show.
*Casey’s (gas station) has the best smiley face cookies!
*I am super excited for 70.3 Racine!
*I never used to like blueberries, but this summer I can’t stop eating them!
*If you say, "Wear your swimsuit to the pool party," I may show up dressed like this…
Happy 4th of July!

Have a great week y’all.

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