Sunday, February 24, 2013

Update Feb 11-24, and a fun video!

Feb 11-17
Swim: 16,760yds, 5 swims
Bike: 2:53, 2 rides
Run:  37 miles, 4 runs

            It is amazing the difference a week can make. I had almost identical weeks scheduled on paper, but quite different experiences. The week of the 11-17 felt like one giant physical and mental test, and I felt like I was always behind the eight ball. The week started off strong, but the farther into the week I got, the worse I felt I was doing on workouts. As a runner, I sometimes freak out if I don’t hit my paces…Thursday was a good example of that. Nothing was really “off” but it wasn’t right. It actually made me rather angry when I was struggling to hit pace on tempo day. You can ask any of my teammates from the past 5 years, and they will tell you I can have some pretty “off” days, but I will always be solid on tempo day. Along with the running, I was struggling on in the water a little bit. I do not consider myself to be a good swimmer, but I was swimming times that I should not be. I would fall apart during certain workouts and just hate life for the rest of it. On Sunday I had a big swim/bike workout, and I just completely fell apart. I ended up quitting the workout early—I hate to do that!! I could not hold power on the bike and I could not hit my swim times. I was three weeks out from Clermont, and I began to wonder if I was ready. School wasn’t even that difficult—the workouts were causing me more stress than school was.

Feb 18-24
Swim: 17,460yds, 5 swims
Bike: 4:03, 3 rides
Run: 36 miles, 5 runs

            Now, the week of the 18-24 was much different. I had solid runs all week, biking was good, and I had many solid improvements in the pool. On Saturday I had my first bike/run “brick” since 70.3 Branson, and it was very encouraging. I’m glad my legs remembered how to run quick off the bike. Sunday I had the same swim/bike workout as I did last week, and I even set 2 PRs in the pool during the workout! It really is crazy how 7 days can make all the difference.

Don't I look wonderful getting ready to flip turn?

            So, what do the next two weeks look like? Well, I am racing a 5k at UW-Stevens Point on March 2, and I am hoping to go sub 15:30. All of my workouts have been telling me I can run sub 15:30, so now I am going to go out and do it. I am running unattached, but I still need to mentally invest in the race and be ready to suffer. After racing multiple 70.3 races, I should be used to hurting. The hurt in the run of a 70.3 and the hurt that sets in 3k into the 5k are just different. I had a good talk with Josh Thebeau about this--he basically told me to suck it up and do it. He was a super fast high school runner, and always a good person to go to for running advice. After Stevens Point, I have the Clermont Draft Legal Challenge on March 9. I can’t wait. I am pretty excited since I have been training with this race in mind for a while now…and it is in Florida. Who doesn’t love a trip to Florida?
            Over the past 2 weeks, I have asked myself many times if I actually love training and racing, and if I am actually made to do this. I definitely love training, or I wouldn’t get my butt out of bed every morning to do it. Sometimes the workout are just plain hard, and I they take me beyond my happy place and into a dark place that I don’t enjoy going. I guess if I go there enough it will become my happy place?
            Lastly, dad did his first 12 mile run last week! Funny story—he text’s me on a Wednesday to tell me he just ran 12.4 miles and bonked at mile 9. I was confused, because I didn’t even have him down to run on Wednesday, and his run was supposed to be 10 on Sunday. Although I am glad that he knows he can run 12 miles, with his half marathon 6 weeks away, I think it threw a little wrench in the training plan. I am excited to see how his half marathon goes, and I am pretty sure he will end up running a marathon before I do. He asked me when I will run one, but I have no desire to go long! Every once in a while I toss around the idea of 26.2 or 140.6 but that thought always quickly leaves my head.

Songs of the Week!

 This is a much watch! ^

Have a great week! Good luck to everyone racing last chance meets this weekend!

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