Thursday, March 5, 2015

February 15-28, 2015

I had somebody ask me what race I think I have the best chance of running to my peak fitness in 2015. I think there are 2 sides to this question - road and trail. I wasn't exactly sure how to answer this since I will be doing more trail stuff early, and road stuff later. So, here are my two picks.

My road pick is the Indinapolis Monumental Marathon in November. I have only heard great things about this race, and there are always some fast times. Flat course, cool weather, and a good mix of competition should make for an exciting race. Also, with the race being in November, it gives me time to build upon spring/summer/fall fitness. The one downside to a November race is I will have been racing all spring, summer, and fall -- will that leave me flat in Novmeber, or ready to PR.

I had a hard time picking a trail race. So many things can come into play -- elevation gain, temperature, humidity, technicality of the course, etc. It will be my first 50 miler, but I think Silver Rush 50 is my best chance of racing at peak fitness. Why would I say a 50M at 10,200ft? I live at 10,200ft and can train on the course, so that is a plus. I will also be racing the trail marathon a month before, so there will hopefully be a fitness bump from that. I am really not sure how my body will react to racing that length, but I think that will be my best chance.

Training Update

Feb 15-21
I was finally able to start running again thanks to acupuncture, and the Hoka Clifton. I was shocked at how cushioned and light they are. Nothing too exciting, 20 miles of running and 9k of swimming.

Feb 22-28
I took a quick trip down to NM hoping to find warmer weather and less snow... Unfortunately I found snow and cold. Oh well.

The 2 main workouts of the week were:
A) 1x3mile at Marathon Effort
B) 10x:60/:60 fartlek

I'm not really sure how pace/effort for a marathon feel at 10,000ft compared to sea level, so this will be a leaving period. Either way, the workouts went well, and I was pleased with the week. ~30 miles.

Have a great week, y'all. Happy training!

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