Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Late March--Early April Update: Coaching and Training

The kids I coach found my blog, and told me I need I need to update it. So, here is the update.
I miss the FL sun!!
 On March 10 I started coaching a junior high track and field team. So far it has been a great experience – I just wish it would not rain so much. I have learned many things in the first month of coaching, but most of the things are what the athletes say about me.  The students are not afraid to say what they think, so I figured I would share a few things with you:
1. I’m mean. I actually make them do workouts. *gasp*
2. I have a GameBoy Color— I’m old.
3. Everybody Loves Raymond is my favorite TV show – once again, I’m old.
4. Everybody Loves Raymond is on TV Land… You guessed it, I’m old.
5. I was born in 1990—yep, I’m old.
So yeah, this is what my athletes have taught me so far. We still have 4 weeks left in the season, so I am sure they will continue to let me know how old I am…everyday.
They think they are cool...
 We have only had one track meet so far…well we had half of a track meet and then it got rained out. The next meet was cancelled and rescheduled due to severe storms. The rescheduled meet was cancelled because of rain. They were going to reschedule the rescheduled meet, but we could not find a day that works. Anyway in the first meet, we had a pretty awesome showing from our milers. Our guys went 5:37, 5:54, 6:04 in the season opener – all running PRs. We also had a girl run 5:58. They are all faster at the mile in junior high than I was!
Trainer rides... Yay
 Now, 70.3 NOLA. I say that every race is a new and different experience…this will not be an exception. Training for NOLA had been great while in Florida. I do not regret coming back to Illinois, but it made training a little more difficult. I got sick within the first 2 days of being back in the state. Always fun. Then I guess it must have been one of the snow covered long runs I did that triggered an old injury, and I found myself in the walking boot for a couple weeks. I was going to try and run through it, but I found myself almost in tears less than 2 miles into runs. At that point I figured it was time to let the foot rest. I was still able to swim and bike without much pain, but running was out of the question. I also found myself on the trainer for pretty much 95% of my rides upon arrival in Illinois. Normally I can just suck it up and get it done, but after almost 95% of rides outdoor in FL, riding the trainer indoors really was not much fun. Over the past month, the one thing I will say that has been great is swimming. I have really been enjoying it, and I have made some good progress in the pool. I have never been known for being a strong open water swimmer, but I am hoping some of the things I have been figuring out will help.

So what does it all mean? Well, my foot and ankle are pain free now, so that is a good sign. Basically all I can do is focus on what I can control—power, nutrition, staying focused on the task at hand. Chrissie Wellington found a way to win when she was less than 100%. I am by no means on the same level as Chrissie, but it shows how important it is to be mentally tough. I am excited to race!
Bring on the warm weather--I'm ready for summer!

Thanks for reading. Good luck to everybody as the race season starts.

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  1. If it makes you feel better in REALLY born in the 70's old.
    I can't wait to hear how NOLA 70.3've trained hard and the results will be your reward!