Sunday, January 12, 2014

Dark Horse 2014

The holiday season is always a busy time, but things are finally back to normal. How many cookies did you eat? I know I had plenty. It seemed like we were not going to get many cookies this year (not a bad thing), but we seemed to get a lot right after Christmas...hmm.

Christmas morning run :)
The biggest news I have is that I was selected as the 2014 Dark Horse Triathlon Project Emerge athlete. I was very thrilled to receive an email saying I had been selected. I am very excited to keep working with Coach Steve for 2014. As stated in the write up, we have set some ambitious goals for 2014—make Team USA Chicago 2015 (through Age Group Nationals 2014) and qualify for/race Ironman 70.3 Worlds in Mont Tremblant. We believe both goals are possible, but it is going to take a lot of hard work. I have a feeling we will be doing a lot more swimming and biking this year.
See you in August!

2014 will be the first year that I do not have indoor track, outdoor track, or cross country. I am so used to being on the track almost every weekend Jan-early March and late March-mid May. Summer was always “base building.” Then cross country races were every other weekend Sept-Nov. I’m sure I will hop in a track race sometime (late may), but now I have the opportunity to race some different triathlons that I couldn’t before.What is your favorite early or late season race?

How about this crazy cold weather we’re having? I think the coldest I had run in was -5F before this winter. I have now run in -15F. -15 was not as bad as I thought it might be. It was single digits for most of the week and -15 didn’t feel much different. I also got to do a run in 14” of snow…I have decided I would rather have cold temps than snow.
Probably the longest goatee I'll ever grow!

Lastly, training has been going well. The swimming “ah-ha” moments are few and far between, but things are coming along nicely. I have to think about what I’m doing pretty much every second in the pool, but it seems to be paying off. I was taught to swim with the “S” pull, but Mary Bradbury was able to help me work through that issue. I sometimes find myself reverting back to it, but I am quick to fix it. Running is still running…one foot in front of the other. Biking has also been going well. I have been working on “spinning.” I have always been a “masher.” I like to ride at 75-80 RPM. We have been working on getting it closer to 85-90, by doing a lot of 90+ RPM stuff. I thought it was awful the first couple weeks, but now I am getting more comfortable with it.

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any questions. Stay safe out there.

Dec 23-29
Swim: 10,100 yards (5.7 miles) / 3:10
Bike: 273 minutes / 4:33
Run: 39.21 miles /4:35
Total: 12:18

Dec 30-Jan 5
Swim: 13,650 (7.8 miles) / 4:02
Bike: 324 minutes / 5:24
Run: 35.32 miles / 4:02
Total: 13:28

Jan 6-12
Swim: 13,500 yards (7.7 miles) / 4:16
Bike: 137 minutes / 2:17
Run: 38.11 miles / 4:31
Total: 11:04


  1. Congrats on being selected for Dark Horse Coree! I've watched both 70.3's from Mt Tremblanc on TV and it looks like a gorgeous course...good luck getting there!
    I'm totally with you too...cold is way better than snow when running. The snow is tough sledding for sure, like running in quick it hides the icy patches.

    1. Thanks, Mike. I am definitely very excited to work with coach for another year! I watched IMMT online last year and it looked completely awesome. Hopefully I have the change to race there!

      I'll take the cold. Start adding snow and ice...makes things very interesting!

      Nice job down in FL last weekend!!

  2. Nice write up Coree! Best of luck for 2014, some great goals there for you to focus on : )

    1. Thank you! I am looking forward to the challenge. I have a ton of faith in the plan coach and I have set up. Dream big :) Good luck to you in 2014 as well!

  3. Couldn't help but thing of this song when I saw this blog post

    Can't wait to see you back in IL next month! Sorry we can't offer you much more than some more cold, ice, snow :(