Friday, November 1, 2013

Litchfield, Oglesby, & Bradley RR. Canal Connection 10k/Route 66 13.1 Preview

I have been slacking when it comes to race reports--here is just a quick wrap up of the last 3 races, and a preview of the next 2 races.
Litchfield Lou Olympic (2:04:17, 3rd)
This was a last minute decision to race. We had just finished up the last 19 hours of driving from our Western Adventure.  I got home at 8:00 am Saturday morning, talked with coach, and decided I was going to race the next morning. So at this point it was 70.3 Vegas, Litchfield, and Rev3 Branson all in a 14 day span. I love Racemaker Production events, so it really was not a super hard decision to race—the only thing I worried about was the fact that I had taken the previous week off, and I had Branson a week later…but hey, I’m young…right?
Swim: 20.30, 6t
T1: :45.45, 1st
Bike: 1:06:48, 22.3 MPH, 3rd
T2: :21.40, 1st
Run: 35:53, (5:47/mile), 1st
The swim was wetsuit legal. I was actually hoping it would be non-wetsuit legal, so I could use my Xterra Velocity-M speedsuit. I was feeling great in the water, and found some feet to follow. I felt like I was swimming quick and had a good feel for the water...a nice change. I felt like time just flew by and I exited the water in 20:40... ...When the RD saw me come out of the water in 20.xx he knew something happened. Ha. I guess a lot of people ended up turning 1 buoy too soon, making it a .7 swim course rather than .9. Oops. The bike course is a nice out and back—pretty uneventful. The roads were chip and seal, so you had to be careful cornering. Other than that, fun course. The run is a 10k out and back with a couple rollers. I enjoy this course, and will hopefully be back again! A studly 17 year old that won the race (2:01)--Jack Klekamp is a name you are proably going to hear a lot of in the future (and now)! Also, any race that gives out beer as a prize is a pretty dang good race in my book!


Oglesby Holy Family Shuffle 3 Mile (15:53, 1st)
A lady at work talked me into running this fundraiser for her kids school. This course also happens to be the same as the Turkey Trot 3 Mile on Thanksgiving morning. I figured this would be a good way to get some practice on the course. I have been known to do some reckless things in racing, and today was one of those days…Took it out at 5:00 first mile (had not done any hard running since Rev3 Branson). I ended up winning in 15:53 (first time sub 16 on this course—and it’s a tad over 3 miles) and I was happy with it. There is a not so nice hill in the final mile of the race—it sucks (in the best way possible)! I thought I was going to be able to hold on for a little bit quicker time, but that hill just crushed me. Can’t wait til the Turkey Trot!
Looking "great" right before the finish. Ha.

Bradley University Classic 8k (27:08, 22nd)
I have never been a huge fan of cross country, nor do I ever think I have run a great cross country race.  I think I have had some good races, but never great races. I had no idea what kind of shape I was in heading into this race, so I just decided to go out with the front pack and try to hold on. Well, first mile was 5 flat with a pack of probably 30 people. But 5k we were still in a pack of 10ish @ 16:11. And then the wheels fell off. I had been doing a lot of just easy runs for a while (since Vegas) so I was lacking speed, and probably didn’t make a good decision by going out 5 flat the first mile. The next 2 miles were ugly, and I crossed the line in 27:08. So a bit over a minute off my 8k PR, but I can say I finally had fun during a cross country race! It was also great to see some of my old Greenville teammates and coaches.
...And this is where it starts to get ugly...

So what’s next?

Canal Connection 10k (Sun Nov 3)
This is an awesome race put on by the Starved Rock Runners! If you are looking to run a fast 10k, this is it! The race starts in LaSalle, IL and ends in Utica, IL. I am looking forward to racing it this year, because these guys always put on a quality, fun race. They also have some delicious pizza and muffins after the race. I won the race last year, and people keep asking if I am going to defend my title this year…I guess we’ll just have to wait til Sunday to find out! I can't say that I have had "awesome" training leading up to the race, but a well executed race should still produce a time fast enough to leave me happy for now.
Can I repeat? We'll find out!

Litchfield Route 66 Half Marathon (Sat Nov 9)
I have never actually raced a half marathon before. I run the distance in practice often, and I have run it in 70.3s, but never just a half marathon. Racemaker Productions informed me of the new race this year, and I had to sign up! Instead of the typical t shirt, they give out awesome hoodies! This is a 2 loop, 13.1 mile race in Litchfield, IL—sounds like it should be flat and fast race. What kind of half marathon shape am I in? I really don’t know. I will just go and try to run a smart race. *gasp* Did I just say I’m going to try and race smart?! I can suffer through a poorly paced 5k and 8k and still run "okay," but that doesn’t sound too fun in a half marathon. I think I just need to be realistic about my fitness and go from there. But, before I can focus on the half, I need to get through Canal Connection! Also, there is a discount code for this race right now. Check out the Racemaker Production Facebook page if you want it!

Well, thanks for reading! Hope you are having a great “off season” (if you want to call it that). If the season is not over for you, good luck!

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