Tuesday, June 11, 2013

End of Track, Start of Tri!

Well, I have a long overdue update. I’ll keep it short!

5000m at North Central College

April 27       SLIAC    1500m   2ndConference runner-up
May 4         NCCAA  5k         9th 15:38
May 5         Try-Tri     1st OA (my first OA win)
May 10       NCC       1500m 4:02
May 16-17  NCC       5k 15:42, 1500m 4:02
June 1          Tri-Shark 4th OA, 1st AG/1stnon-elite

SO…what has happened in the last six weeks?
I missed scoring by 1 place at NCCAAs, but Dad still gave me a hug anyway!
- Track ended. It has been a fun 13 years of competitive track!
            *Thank you to all of those who have supported me through the many years. It has been great getting to know everybody. I was lucky to have some great coaches to help shape me into the runner I am today.

Coach P!
-Tri training has picked up…A LOT.
            *Longer bike intervals. More intervals. Longer runs. Different types of runs.

--Weddings! I have 4-5 weddings of friends that I’ve gone to/will be going to this summer, and I am very excited. I love weddings, they are such a happy time.
It is wedding season :) Looks like construction season too!

Favorite Workouts?
-Geneva Group Ride. On Memorial Day we went up to Geneva to for a group ride, and it was nice to workout with guys my own age. I can’t remember the last time I had a group of guys my age to ride with…and of course breakfast with the group after didn’t hurt.
-12x400m. I was doing this at my local high school, and it just so happened to be jr high graduation the same night. I may or may not have started out a little too quick on some of the early 400s, so I was hurting toward the end. There was a group of probably 10 5th graders that came outside and started watching my workout, about 7 400m in. They decided they wanted to cheer me on. Well, on number 10 I was not feeling well at all, and after I finished I stated throwing up. Second time that has ever happened to me from a workout! Well, these kids loved it, and started cheering louder for me as I was losing my lunch than when I was running. I made some new fans that day!

2 shots from run #2 @ Tri-Shark.

Biggest Difference Between Track and Tri?
-More bike. Longer, harder intervals. More time on the bike. With running, I could usually just turn my brain off and run. I could feel pace pretty well, and sometimes I could just go through the motions and still get it done. Now,  I have to make sure I am mentally ready going into every workout, and I really cannot turn my brain off…even on runs. Also, I am learning to still run well on tired legs. I was always scared to push the bike too hard during the track season, because I was afraid my legs would be gone for a track workout. Now, I can ride hard and I realize I am still fine to run.

Look...I'm actually enjoying the bike!

What Am I Most Excited For
-Everything! Training. Racing. It is a new challenge and I really think it is going to be fun!

The sun was very rare to see for a few days!

Rest of the Season?
-Rockford Olympic Tri    June 15
-70.3 Racine                   July 21
-AG Nationals                Aug 10
-70.3 Vegas                    Sept 8
-Rev3 Branson                Sept 22
-70.3 Austin                    October 27

Song of the Week
(I’ll do two since I have missed like 6. Good logic, I know haha)
All Black Everything—Lupe Fiasco
Here Comes the Weekend--Pink


  1. Good luck with the rest of your tri season...looks like the races are pretty spread out. Let me know how you like AG Nationals. It's in Milwaukee again next year and I will probably try and actually race it for once.

  2. Thanks! I tried to space things out this year, because I raced a ton last summmer/fall. Then I had another long track season, so I decided it would be good to race a little less this year. I may find a couple smaller things to throw in there if I feel that burning desire to race. Milwaukee is nice and close, and it looks like it will be a flat/fast race!