Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Thank You

70.3 Branson was quite the adventure, but first I should start by saying thank you to a few people. Training and racing are fun, and important to me, but none of it would be possible without the great support system I am blessed with.  My family and friends have been very supportive over time, as I have increased my training load and race schedule.  I would first like to thank my parents, without them, none of this would be possible.  They’re my biggest fans, and are super supportive.  My dad is crazy, and would literally drive half way across the country for a race if I told him I wanted to go.  There are even times I will ask him not to go, but he still insists on going. He has also caught on to the fact that if I ask to go on “vacation” over spring break, it really means there is a race I would like to do. So he’ll pack up the truck, and we’ll go! Also, I am very proud of my dad.  He is turning into quite the running machine, and it is exciting to watch him make progress in his fitness! I got to run his first 5k with him this summer, and that is still my favorite race I have ever done!

I would next like to thank Susie Walsh, Steve & Ginny Phillips! Everybody needs a group like these three in their life! Susie will make sure you keep a level head, and keep everything in perspective.  She is very positive, and can find a way to make the most out of any situation.  She is also a very good triathlete and a great example of how to balance triathlons with “normal” life.  Oh, and I bought my bike from her—I love my new rocketship :)  Steve & Ginny are also awesome!  They would literally do anything to help you.  I have forgotten bags at home on race day, and she’s brought them to me.  I’ve been out of certain things, and Ginny will say “come on over.”  Steve will tell you all about “reducing the co efficient of the drag a…” or whatever it is (I still have no idea what he is talking about), but in the end it all seems to make sense when he says, “Don’t go over xxx for your average power.” From these three I have learned a lot about training, racing, and life.

I would also like to thank my friends, whether it’s my teammates from Greenville, or friends from home, it is always nice to have people to hang out with and talk to (before 9:30pm)! Even though I would only see some people once a week, I enjoyed every minute we hung out. To my friends that run, thanks for listening to me talk about training and giving your input if something sounded seriously flawed in my training.  To my friends that don’t run…thank you! It is good to have a mix of everything in your life, and it is nice to talk about things that may not have anything to do with sports!  Sometimes it is as simple as just watching a movie, or sitting around a campfire drinking a Gatorade (ha!) but it really is a good time.

I have also enjoyed training with various people over the summer and fall—NIU’s tri team, the Starved Rock Runners, Evan Darm, Lara Kinkin, Wyatt Mach.  You all have had a part in getting me one step closer to my goals.  It really has been fun training with ya, and I look forward to many more run and swims together!

Also, I would just like to say thank you for all of the encouraging and congratulatory comments.  I’m sure you all have gotten sick of hearing about how excited I am for upcoming races, but yet you still all wish me good luck before race day.  After the race you all have something positive to say be it a good race or bad. And for that I thank you!

Now that I have had more time to digest and soak in Branson, I will soon put up the actual race report.

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